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Lesbian Dorm Room Book 5 - Never Have I Ever

Lesbian Dorm Room - Book 5

Never Have I Ever

When sheltered college student Caitlin joins her hall mates and current roommate/lover, Emily, at a party down the hall, she never expected to bond or open up to others during their game of Never Have I Ever. As the game continues, it naturally turns sexual, and everyone shares some of their best (and worst!) stories.

Caitlin can't help but feel like she's missed out on life due to her sheltered upbringing. No sneaking around, no getting caught, no escapades or adventures. The group soon discovers her hidden relationship with Emily and turns rowdy. Emphatic on helping Caitlin gain some experience and live life to its fullest, they dare Emily to bring to Caitlin to heaven in front of the group.

Desperate to unleash her true self and escape her past, Caitlin becomes determined to put on a good show and to make a memory she, and the group, will never forget! Contains sensual themes of licking, fingering, riding, squirting, coaching, multiple climaxes, and lots of explicit detail.

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Lesbian Dorm Room Book 4 - Triple Licking

Lesbian Dorm Room - Book 4

Triple Licking

Hailey breaks into the dorm room of her current fling, Emily, hoping to surprise her with some afternoon delight - or "Black Honey" as she likes to be called. But when Emily's roommate and current lover, Caitlin, returns to the dorm, a fight breaks out over who will win Emily's tongue.

Emily finds the two women and tries to break up the fight, but she quickly loses control of the situation. Hailey and Caitlin's battle sings as they take turns showing their skills all over Emily. One wins and Caitlin unleashes her inner naughty, resulting in multiple angelic highs a fiery fervor in Emily that can't be calmed!

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Lesbian Dorm Room Book 1 - Conservative Roommate Gets A Helping Hand

Lesbian Dorm Room - Book 3

Conservative Roommate Licks Back

Morning comes and Caitlin is fresh from being thoroughly licked - front and back - and brought to an angelic high. She longs to return the favor with her tongue and wiles to her lesbian roommate, Emily, who is concerned she's corrupting her innocent and ignorant roommate.

As Caitlin attempts to lure Emily into a relationship, she unleashes her inner naughty and gives Emily a taste of her sweet, sweet candy. Emily responds by riding hard and is ensnared by Caitlin's arms, resulting in her own overstimulated high!

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Lesbian Dorm Room Book 2 - Conservative Roommate Gets Licked

Lesbian Dorm Room - Book 2

Conservative Roommate Gets Licked

Caitlin had an amazing time learning how to use her fingers from her lesbian roommate, Emily, but she continues to fear God's judgment. In despairing anger, she demands Emily move out - giving distance from her artful fingers.

But when the fight becomes heated, so do their bodies. Emily dominates the situation with her hands and tongue and Caitlin submits, experiencing a heavenly high so great that her inner naughty is unleashed!

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Lesbian Dorm Room Book 1 - Conservative Roommate Gets A Helping Hand

Lesbian Dorm Room - Book 1

Conservative Roommate Gets A Helping Hand

Caitlin always had an itch that she couldn't quite scratch. As she starts college miles away from her conservative family and upbringing, the itch intensifies and is too much for her to bear.

Desperate for satisfaction and enlightenment, Caitlin turns to an expert for help: her lesbian roommate. Now, she must open herself up to someone else for the first time, and risk her senses and her innocent being overstimulated!

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About Stella

Hi there! I am Stella Raya, a writer who creates steamy lesbian and WLW content based on my own personal experiences. My series, "Lesbian Dorm Room," takes readers on an erotic journey through the lives of young women exploring their sexuality in a college dorm setting.


As an author, I am passionate about creating realistic and relatable stories that celebrate female sexuality. My writing is inspired by my own experiences as a queer woman, and I strive to create characters that readers can connect with on a deep level.

I believe that erotica has the power to empower women and help them embrace their desires. Through my writing, I hope to inspire readers to explore their own passions and find joy in their own sexuality.

If you're looking for steamy lesbian romance with a realistic and relatable twist, then I am the author for you! Be sure to check out my "Lesbian Dorm Room" series today.

Common themes are: Explicit, FF, threesomes, light femdom, overstimulation, public, and whatever else happened in my college heyday.

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